Amber Dog Collars

Collars repel parasites for approximately 12-18 months. Please note - friction is caused between the Amber and coat of your pet when fur is "dry". Please remove when you wash your pet.
We specialise in Genuine Baltic Amber sourced from the Baltic States, & we are the manufactures of natural tick & flea collars - here is Melbourne, Australia.
Raw Baltic Amber repels parasites in 2 ways. 
1. Aromatic Repellant - friction caused between the Amber and the coat of your pet causes terpenes to "effervesce" which in turn spreads the aromatic smell of the Amber (tree resin) through the coat of your pet, deterring parasites due to the smell. 
2. Electrostatic repellant- friction causes an "electrostatic barrier", preventing parasites from clinging to the coat of your pet.