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Cherry Amber Teething Necklace

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Baltic Cherry Amber Teething Necklace from Poland 

The necklaces should never be able to reach above the chin of the baby   

Round baby teething beads will help alleviate the symptoms of teething while looking great on your child. These beads are 33 cm in length and come in a cherry colour.

 About Amber House Beads

Amber beads are a fabulous natural solution to assist your child through the misery of teething - without drugs! These are not designed to be chewed, It's belived that when  worn against the skin the beads release natural oils that are absorbed, soothing aches and pains. They have been used through the centuries for healing, pain relief and to boost the bodies immune system. Amber House necklaces are lightweight and comfortable for your child to wear and they look fantastic.

 Meet our Supplier 

These Amber teething beads for babies are made by a small family business based in Sopot- Poland, run by two sisters. They are the third generation of their family working with Amber! Mrs. Daria (the owner) met me before I had kids. She has never complained when my daughter was running around her office and screaming. She is the nicest person you can meet. I still enjoy working with her after all the years 

Amber House offers a 6 month warranty on all necklaces.

Cherry Amber Teething Necklace is a popular and unique item that is believed to help provide relief from teething pain in babies and young children. This necklace is made from a red-colored Baltic amber, also known as blood amber, which is believed to contain natural healing properties. Baltic amber has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and is known to naturally contain succinic acid, which is believed to be a natural analgesic

Customer Reviews

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Looks super cute on him and he seems to be suffering less with the teething!


Gorgeous little piece ! Colour and quality perfect!

Amber Anderson

Sister in law swears by these so thought I would give it a go. Truley a medical product and word of advice if you feel it's not working anyone place in the sun for a day to recharge the crystals

Megg Membrey
Cherry teething necklace

ITS LIKE MAGIC!!!! I swear these beads are magical. From waking 6+ times a night to sleeping through within 3 days of use. Two teeth cut through. The dribble and grizzling stopped. Don’t hesitate to purchase, they are amazing!

Jelena Nugent

Cherry Amber Teething Necklace