Birthstone Jewellery

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Birthstone Jewellery Meaning
January - Garnet
Garnet is thought to be a very protective stone and is said to bring good luck, happiness, and success. It is also known as the "Stone of Health" because it is believed to help with healing both physically and emotionally.
February - Amethyst 
The February birthstone, amethyst, is associated with royalty and spirituality. It is thought to promote inner peace, calmness, and stability.
March - Aquamarine
Aquamarine is the March birthstone, and it is said to be the gem of courage and protection. It helps you stay calm under pressure and makes you feel safe from harm.
May - Emerald
Emerald is the traditional birthstone for the month of May and is said to bring its wearer good luck, peace, and prosperity. This beautiful green gemstone is also thought to enhance intuition and promote creativity.
July - Ruby 
The July ruby is a deep red gemstone that is said to bring happiness, love, and success. It is also thought to protect its wearer from danger and promote good health.
August - Peridot
Peridot is the perfect birthstone for you if you want to harness the power of the sun. It helps to increase vitality and energy, and is thought to bring good luck and prosperity.
September - Blue Sapphire
The September Blue Sapphire birthstones are thought to promote spiritual awareness and understanding. Sapphires are believed to bring good luck, peace, and protection to their wearers.
October - Tourmaline
Tourmaline is a type of gemstone that comes in many different colours. Pink tourmaline brings love and relationships.
November - Citrine
Citrine is the November birthstone, and it is thought to bring good luck and prosperity. This yellow gemstone is also said to promote creativity and happiness.
December - Turquoise, Tanzanite & Lapis Lazuli
Turquoise embodies the power of both nature's elements and is said to bring good luck, protect against accidents and promote self-realization.
Tanzanite is known as the stone of magic and good luck. It is said to increase intuition and promote spiritual growth.
Lapis Lazuli is said to bring good luck, truth, and enlightenment. This beautiful blue stone is sure to please any recipient.