About Us

I was born in Poland. Now, I’m a Possie (Polish/Aussie) living in Melbourne with my husband Shaun and daughter Chloe. 

Since 2010 we’ve sold thousands of baby necklaces as well as amber jewellery at www.amberhouse.com. Our range includes baby necklaces, bracelets and sets. I’m back in Poland twice a year at the international Amber Expo sourcing the highest quality Baltic amber. I can attest to our suppliers commitment to quality. They are all registered with the International Amber Association. 

Why Us?

 We’re very aware that the Environment is facing greater degradation than ever. At home, we live as sustainably as possible. In business, we try to as well.

 - our display stands are made here in Melbourne from sustainable bamboo.

- we use recycled paper packaging.

We sell only 100% Baltic amber. We’ve been selling amber since 2011, ensuring that we bring our customers the highest quality Polish Baltic amber. I’m from Poland. I regularly attend amber Expos there. I know our suppliers personally and can attest to their love of quality amber. We are a member of the International Amber Association.



Contact us with ideas of how to be more sustainable 0414109824