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Great bracelet and amazing service

Amethyst bracelet

Beautiful bracelet. Being adjustable makes it easy to put on. Have asked for a similar Amber bracelet !

Mans amber

Very good quality, love the colour. The jade one though colour is nice but the quality is not as good as the amber

Do not pester me its a christmas gift

I love it, thank you so much!

Natural Oil- Gratitude
Michele Lesa Bastow

Absolutely love my necklace! I feel so grounded in myself! I have always suffered from Anxiety etc

Baroque Honey AMBER Necklace

Looks super cute on him and he seems to be suffering less with the teething!

Amber necklace

I had my necklace for around 2 years. Absolutely beautiful. When it arrived it had a cracked bead and I reached out to amber house who said they could restitch it. I lived with it and wore it everyday. However the actual screw clasp split in half recently and so the necklace is unwearable. I was hoping it would last many years as I loved it and got lots of compliments. I will buy a replacement but am very disappointed.

Gorgeous Colour

Very nice amber bracelet with brilliant cognac wine colour and good size. Many thanks!

Fast delivery, effective product.

I ordered via express delivery during the week leading up to Easter and was happy to receive my beads promptly as ordered. I chose the Cognac Raw Baltic Amber beads after researching they are supposed to have the highest content of succinic acid, the healing and soothing properties the beads are beneficial for. I have been putting them on bub during his wake times and he does appear to be much less eager to suck feverishly on anything he can get his hands on, so it appears they are helping with his teething as I’d hoped. I would recommend purchasing them and have already done so to a few friends and family. I purchased the toddler necklace only for my 3.5 month old and they fit well.

Teething anklet

It great 😊

Gorgeous bracelet

Simple & classic. Love it so much.

Great product

Really stunning piece of amber and I was impressed with how the amber was beautiful set in the silver. Order was received within five working days. Just one tiny little scratch on the surface but otherwise perfect.

Perfection as always.

Gorgeous little piece ! Colour and quality perfect!

Amber Teether Necklace
Natasha Collier

Amber Teether Necklace

Cherry Adult Amber Bracelets


Sister in law swears by these so thought I would give it a go. Truley a medical product and word of advice if you feel it's not working anyone place in the sun for a day to recharge the crystals

Unhappy customer

Very unhappy customer due to lack of communication on your part regarding wrong size product being sent

Love love love

My 8 month old daughter just had her first 2 teeth pop out over 3 days with no pain and limited red cheeks. Prior to wearing the necklace she would get really red cheeks and be grumpy

Really Upset

I have purchased multiple braclets for my partner his also purchased himself some, probably about a total of around 12+ & every single one has snapped & his lost 90% of the beads we continued to buy them because we believe the beads work so even bought doubles for when they break but unfortunately the poor elastic isn't for the working men so sadly after 100's of dollars down the drain we can't bare the thought to try again it's way to frustrating & the lost money is extremely upsetting especially if you purchase with afterpay & everytime your still making payments when the braclet is dead & gone even my daughters necklace has vanished off her neck without a trace 😭

Hi Brooke
I am really sorry the elastic broke. I can see you made 4 orders from us in the last 4 years. I will email you a return label so you can send it back to us and I can restring the bracelets. Sofia

Love it.

Amazing products.

Never received it

I never received my order and have tried emailing and had no response

Love everything I received

I ordered a bracelet, earrings, ring and pendant and I absolutely love all of them and love wearing them all. Everything is such good quality, speedy delivery and came packaged so well in beautiful boxes. Highly recommend buying from Amber House, and I will definitely buy from them again, thank you, Jules