Amber Dreamcatcher Pendant
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Amber Dreamcatcher Pendant

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This stunning pendant features a traditional Native American dreamcatcher design, crafted from genuine amber and sterling silver.

  • Genuine amber stone
  • powerful symbol of protection and positivity.
  • Sterling silver / Rhodium Plated/won't tarnish. 
  • Made in Poland 
  • Weight 1.70 grams 
  • Size of Amber - 1.60 cm *1.60 cm 
  • Traditional dreamcatcher design
  • Wear a beautiful piece of Native American culture and tradition
  • Enjoy the natural healing properties of amber, which is said to promote positivity and balance
  • Feel protected and secure with the powerful symbolism of the dreamcatcher

This Amber Dreamcatcher Pendant makes a great gift for loved ones who appreciate unique and meaningful jewellery


Customer Reviews

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Amber pendant

It is stunning, I am so happy. It has cheered me up on this stage 4 lockdown

Charlene Rogan

Thank you Amber house.
My package arrived Friday and I am super happy with my purchase. Beautiful presentation and prompt delivery. 🙏🏻