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Cognac Raw Baltic Amber Necklace

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Cognac Raw Baltic Amber Necklace from Poland

Amber House offers a 6 month warranty on all necklaces.

The necklaces should never be able to reach above the chin of the baby 

Round baby teething beads will help alleviate the symptoms of teething while looking great on your child. These beads are 33 cm in length and come in a Honey colour.

 About Amber House Beads

Cognac Raw Baltic Amber Necklace is a fabulous natural solution to assist your child through the misery of teething - without drugs! These are not designed to be chewed, It's belived that when  worn against the skin the beads release natural oils that are absorbed, soothing aches and pains. They have been used through the centuries for healing, pain relief and to boost the bodies immune system. Amber House necklaces are lightweight and comfortable for your child to wear and they look fantastic.

 Safety Information

Amber teething beads are designed to be worn and not chewed. The neckles should only be worn under supervision and not when your child is sleeping. Each Necklace has been carefully handcrafted with your babies safety in mind. Knots between each bead mean that if the necklace is broken, only one bead will come off. A special clasp will release the necklace if too much pressure is applied. Each bead is carefully rounded and polished to be comfortable against your child's skin.


Meet our supplier 

These necklaces are made by a small family business based in Sopot- Poland, run by two sisters. They are the third generation of their family working with Amber! Mrs. Daria (the owner) met me before I had kids. She never complained when my daughter was running around her office and screaming. She is the nicest person you can meet. She was my first supplier introduced to me by one of my cousins. 10 years later I still enjoy working with her.  

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery, effective product.

I ordered via express delivery during the week leading up to Easter and was happy to receive my beads promptly as ordered. I chose the Cognac Raw Baltic Amber beads after researching they are supposed to have the highest content of succinic acid, the healing and soothing properties the beads are beneficial for. I have been putting them on bub during his wake times and he does appear to be much less eager to suck feverishly on anything he can get his hands on, so it appears they are helping with his teething as I’d hoped. I would recommend purchasing them and have already done so to a few friends and family. I purchased the toddler necklace only for my 3.5 month old and they fit well.


Perfection as always.

Unhappy customer

Very unhappy customer due to lack of communication on your part regarding wrong size product being sent

Tammy Dimeck
Love it!!!

My son had an amber necklace when he was a baby getting his teeth till he outgrew it. We had hardly any dribbling and not much complaining. He has started now to get his 2 year old molars and dribbling heaps with also telling us his teeth hurt. I brought an amber necklace and after a day or 2 we could notice the difference. His educators at his daycare even complimented on how well it worked.

Macey Hulston

hi I actually haven’t received my order it said it was delivered to my house but it never turned up!

Hi Macey .
Please let me know if you received the parcel. It says delivered when I had a look at the tracking number. Its a brown envelope.